Frequently Asked Questions
What does Women’s Resource Center do?
We help women gain resources that lead to meaningful employment.
How do I receive help from Women’s Resource Center?
The first step is to attend one of our orientation sessions. More details about the steps required to become a participant are found here.
I am a former participant; do I have to attend another orientation or interview?
If you haven’t participated in any programs at Women’s Resource Center in one year, then yes, you need to attend an orientation and interview. This helps us to assess what your current needs are and plan accordingly.
I was referred by another organization; do I have to attend an orientation and interview?
Yes, everyone must attend the orientation session and participate in a one-on-one interview as a starting point for services. We appreciate it when community organizations refer participants, but in order for us to properly assess your current needs and connect you with appropriate services you need to attend the orientation and interview.
How do I get to Women’s Resource Center’s office?
Click here for detailed directions.

What are Women’s Resource Center’s hours?
We are open Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9am-5pm; Tuesday from 9am-7pm; and Friday from 9am-noon.
How much does it cost to participate in your programs?
There is no cost for participants to engage in our programs in general. There is a minimal fee, based on a sliding scale, for attendance at our Divorce Information Workshop.