The Business Boutique

Making the right first impression is an important part of job seeking and interviewing. Recognizing this fact, WRC offers the Business Boutique; where participants can shop for professional outfits and accessories. This support not only enhances a participant’s marketability, but also increases her self-confidence.

Access to the Business Boutique is by appointment only. Trained volunteers spend approximately an hour and a half with each participant, acting as “personal shoppers” and helping to select appropriate and flattering professional clothing and accessories. The volunteers also share information on hygiene, grooming and image, and professional presentation. Individuals and businesses in West Michigan donate gently worn, high quality professional clothing and accessories to support this effort.

Donation Guidelines

The Business Boutique accepts gently used business clothing, shoes and accessories which we in turn offer to our participants who are ready for job interviews and/or work in a business office setting.

Here is a list of items we accept:

                * 2 pc. Suits                  * Dress Pants         * Lightweight sweater sets      

                  * Blazers                      * Blouses/Tops       * Handbags, tote bags

                  * Skirts                         * Shoes/Boots        * Belts & Scarves

                  *Jewelry                       * Umbrellas            * All-WeatherTrench Coats    


We expect clothing donations to be:

·         CLEAN (no dirt, stains or strong odors)

·         In good CONDITION (no piling, no broken zippers or falling hems)

·         CONSERVATIVE in color and fit (appropriate for job interviews)

·         CURRENT style (no more than 4 years old)

·         CURRENT season (we do not have room to store out of season clothing)

If you are unclear whether or not your items are appropriate, ask yourself these questions; “Would I wear this to a job interview?” or, “Would I hire someone who came to a job interview wearing this?”

                    We also accept the following items if they are newly purchased: 
Bras (all sizes)     * Hosiery (knee highs, trouser socks, pantyhose)