Wish List

Please let us know if you can help with any of the following needs...reach out to our Development Office by email or phone at 616-458-5443. Thank you so much for assisting us in empowering women through meaningful employment.

Gift Cards/Passes for participants:
-The Rapid Bus passes
-Gas Station Gift Cars
-Meijer Gift Cards
-Pizza Gift cards for participant celebrations

-URGENT NEED 11 new desk top computers for staff (replacing 2008 & older computers)
-2 New lap top computers
-i Pads for staff use

-New Refrigerator

Participant Support:
-Cash donations for Client Assistance fund (restricted to assist participant with various costs (i.e. work uniforms, education and training fees)

Professional Services/Talents:
-Participant needs (i.e. car mechanic, tutoring, dental services, hair cuts, etc.)
-WRC Support (i.e. IT, graphic design, photography, printing, etc.)

Participant Career Kit Items:
-Resumé paper and envelopes
-Postage stamps  
-Flash drives
-Padded portfolios or heavy duty 2 pocket folders
-Daily/Weekly planners
-Tote bags

Working Women's Clothes Closet:
-Women's professional clothing, particularly size 18+
-Purses, shoes, jewelry, scarves, accessories in good condition
-Department store shopping bags with handles
-Large 30 Gallon Trash Bags
-Regular size personal hygiene items