We want to help you gain the skills and knowledge needed to become economically self-sufficient. In many cases this means continuing your education or seeking specialized skill training. To help with these pursuits, Women’s Resource Center offers scholarships to participants who are attending or accepted to an accredited secondary learning institute, show financial need, and clearly outline education and career goals. Most often the scholarships are awarded to women who participate in our structured programs rather than the self-directed pathway; those participants who see education as a step toward achieving an identified career goal.

Scholarships are awarded once a year, with money committed for two consecutive semesters. Award amounts range from $300–1,000 per selected participant each year. Funds can be used for tuition, books, fees, or any other expenses related to furthering your education. Private donors contribute generously to allow this scholarship program to continue.

Interested? Talk to your Women’s Resource Center Career Coach about your plans and request an application.

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How Scholarships Empower Participants

"Wonderful what the Women's Resource Center does for women because so many people choose not to continue their education because of lack of funds." ~ former Participant and Scholarship Awardee

"Any person can achieve great things. A helping hand was definitely a great resource when I needed it. I would love to see more people (women) achieve success…through whatever situation they are currently in." ~ former Participant and Scholarship Awardee

"I would like to thank the Women's Resource Center Scholarship Committee for awarding me multiple scholarships to aid my education, and living expenses. Someone finally believed in me." ~ former Participant and Scholarship Awardee