Meeting the Needs of West Michigan Employers
Let’s partner! Together we can provide women life-changing and career-building skills to break the cycle of poverty through meaningful employment. And, in the process support your goals of securing a reliable and diverse workforce. Here are just a few of the ways we can support your efforts to hire and retain our participants.
  • Job Postings Link your open positions to our job-ready participants using our intranet Job Board. Learn more.
  • Pre-screen Applicants We screen our participants against your job descriptions to effectively match individuals with the specific skills and experience that you require.
  • Interview and recruitment space When interviewing Women’s Resource Center candidates, you may use our centrally-located facility.
  • Retention Services Women’s Resource Center provides our participants with career coach support for up to 90 days after they begin employment with you. We’ve found that this involvement improves retention rates above the average and increases participant satisfaction overall with their new job and employer.
  • Community Resources We can provide connections and links to community resources to assist with employee needs. Whether your employee has been a participant or not. Reach out to us when an employee expresses a need; we’re happy to help!